ANIK HOTELS GROUP is founded by a Cambodian businessman inspired by his wife’s passion and desire in hospitality. With the spirit and purpose of wanting other people to experience the warmth he is getting, he decided to start a hotel called ANIK naming after his wife. ANIK, in Khmer, means ‘Politeness and Generosity’.
Meanwhile, guests will get the ultimate and unforgettable experience and care provided by our team.


  • Service: We will make sure that each and every guest’s expectation and need are met during their stays with us.
  • Teamwork: Maintaining good collaboration amongst team members and having honesty and friendly smiles from colleagues enable us to offer excellent services to our guests.
  • Commitment: With our responsibility for each and every guest’s stay and our huge ambition, we will open more hotels in the near future.
  • Authenticity: Our properties are designed with the most attractive western style situated in the heart of Phnom Penh city.
  • Friendly Environment: We strive to reduce the consumption of plastic-made products and chemical foods.


A hidden memory in your heart


ANIK, a uniquely beautiful and attractive western style hotel, is committed to offering warm welcome and exceptional and unforgettable services to our guests.


The Kingdom of Cambodia is a developing country based upon the peace, stability and the government’s economic policy.

In view of the progress in all fields and the desperate need of hotel industry, ANIK has a good opportunity to expand its business in a short period of time.
Our next step is to open a resort-styled hotel under the ANIK HOTELS GROUP to offer a new type of services that is more exceptional to our guests.


ANIK’s mission is to become the best hospitality company in the Kingdom of Cambodia. We will strive to do whatever possible to make sure that our guests feel fresh and warm, and that they are at their own home.
Under the talented leadership of Mr. Sin Samney (Sam), with 20 years of work experience in the field, we strongly believe that we will be able to bring our guest’s experience to the next level exceeded their expectations.
Furthermore, job opportunities, training and development of the team members are also the mission of ANIK.

GM of Anik Hotel Group in Phnom Penh Cambodia - Sin Samney

Cluster General Manager

Samney Sin (Sam) has 21 years of vast experience working in the hotel industry in Cambodia and Thailand. Hard work and determination has propelled his long journey of working from the bottom and in various departments like front office, food and beverage, and rooms division and climbing his way up the ladder. He speaks English, Thai and Khmer. Aside from the busy daily operations, he loves to share his knowledge and skills with his team. During his spare time, he sometimes cooks and enjoys watching movies at home.

Chef at Anik Hotel Group in Phnom Penh Cambodia

Cluster Executive Chef

Vutha Prum has worked for 19 years in various kitchen restaurants and hotels and is now showcasing his food here in the Anik Palace kitchen. With so much wealth of knowledge and experience in the food industry, Vutha is sharing his passion and love of food with his guests and colleagues and passing it on to the next generation.