Our story

Anik was created by a man who had a strong passion towards his wife hospitality. He wanted other people to experience the same warmth that he felt, so he decided to open a hotel named “Anik”.  Anik is the name of his wife and just like her, the hotel Anik will provide you exceptional hospitality. Anik is a 4 star hotel however we provide our guests a 5 star service. The Anik Hotel Group will bring you comfort and relaxation making you feel at home.

Values of Anik

  • Guest ideals: We are trying to make sure that we are following our guest perfection of a hotel
  • Good bond with staff members: having an excellent relationship with our staff members, this allows us to provide you service to the maximum.
  • Determination: having the immense drive, the strong passion to expand our business and taking responsibility of your stay.
  • Authentic: we are one of a kind, one of the most original and luxurious hotels that you can find here in Phnom Penh.
  • Healthy Environment: We are trying to save the environment by using less plastic chemical foods.

Our Goal

Our next goal is that in a few more years, we are going to build a resort in one of the provinces in Cambodia. The resort will still have a classic european style decor giving off a relaxing sensation to our guests.

The Vision Statement

By striving to become one of the best hotels in Cambodia, we will do whatever we can to make you feel comfortable like you’re at home. Anik Hotel Group will take your hotel experience to a whole new level.

The Mission Statement (Anik Hotel Group )

Anik hotel group mission is to be the most hospitable company in Cambodia – by creating a heartfelt experience for our guests. We are also trying to provide meaningful opportunities for our team members. Overall we are trying to become a positive impact in our community.