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Anik Hotel Group

Anik Hotel Group

Anik was created by a man who had a strong passion towards his wife hospitality. He wanted other people to experience the same warmth that he felt, so he decided to open a hotel named “Anik”.  Anik is the name of his wife and just like her, the hotel Anik will provide you exceptional hospitality. Anik is a 4 star hotel however we provide our guests a 5 star service.

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Anik Boutique Hotel

Anik Rainbow Bridge was the first Anik to ever open by Anik Hotel Group , located next to the famous rainbow bridge. Anik Rainbow Bridge has an appearance of a small castle giving off a romantic and relaxing feeling to our guests.

Anik Boutique Hotel & Spa

Anik Noroom is the second Hotel to be opened by Anik Hotel Group. With a modern look, the interior design of Anik Norodom is a classic decor. Located next to Anik Norodom is a famous shopping mall and a market venue where our guests can go shopping.

Anik Palace Hotel

Anik Palace is the third hotel that was opened by Anik Hotel Group. With a much larger space the hotel now has the appearance of a real castle on the outside and the inside, giving our guests a much more romantic and relaxing sensation.


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